Christmas 2020 at Hildreds

23rd November 2020

Come and join us this Christmas at The Hildreds to see award winning Christmas displays designed and hand made by The Hildreds Centre Manager and Centre staff.

With over 100,000 festive lights, garlands and Christmas trees there is lots to see and do to keep your little ones busy.  Come and meet Chilly Charlie our interactive singing snowman surrounded by his friends Eric, Ernie and Enry The Hildreds Eskimos as well as Hettie The Yeti.

Our 2 singing reindeer – Harry and Zac have also been learning a new song too – can you guess what it is?  Santa has only got himself stuck up the chimney, we think he has been eating too many of Mother Christmas’s Christmas Pudding sausages again and now he won’t fit!  Can you help them and the special “Elf & Safety” team sing the magic song to help him down in time for Christmas Eve?

Slushy & Mushy our life – size ice – cream snowmen are also on display this year along with Elvis the Elf.  Come and find out how Elvis mixed up Santa’s magic reindeer sprinkles and put them into the ice – cream machine instead of sugar and made Slushy and Mushy come alive!

This year we won’t be able to have a grotto but you will still be able to meet Santa in a socially distanced display on selected dates.  He will also be bringing a special friend with him to – The Grinch! He will be joining us during The Skegness Christmas Market on Saturday 5th December.

Don’t forget, if you press any of the interactive buttons to use the sanitiser fluid on display and sanitise your hands before and after pressing any buttons, keep your distance from others enjoying the displays and always wear a face covering if able to do so.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and hope you enjoy our displays.